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“Fly Higher” by Catherine Rains

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

Artist Statement~

For the past 20 years, I have been following my dream of creating sacred art for the purpose of inspiring myself and others to awaken to who we were meant to be, to who we’ve always been.

An interesting truth about this dream: It was an accident. Being an artist was not part of my life plan by any stretch of the imagination. Until age 33, I was one of those people who said, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.” (Sound familiar?)

In my family of origin, I was viewed as the unartistic one. I was was often told I should be a counselor or teacher, but artist, definitely not! My parents were talented hobby artists — they loved to draw, paint, sculpt, and write. But not me. From K-12, when I attempted anything creative, my father would “help” by revising what I had done to the point where it was unrecognizable as mine, even by me. Of course it would receive an ‘A’, but I never felt like I deserved it, or more importantly, that I had any creative talent.

My true calling found me when I stopped looking for it, and started noticing what gave me joy.



Green Market Girl

The Original Eco-Cuff, a “green” earth-friendly wood bracelet! These beautiful Eco-Cuffs are made out of re-purposed wood and are enchanted with beautiful original designs by Hayley Moran! These designs and many more are available for purchase at Haylo Healing Arts Lounge as well as several other locations! There are men and women’s Eco-Cuffs available for purchase with plenty of original designs to choose from. Stop by and check them out!

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge
Haylo Healing Arts Lounge
Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

Custom Haylo Design Line #lovesummer