Royal Peasantry Design House lives at the intersection of ethics and inspiration; of conservation and opulence. Drawing from the cast off treasures of a wasteful society; Royal Peasantry is a noble scavenger. Rescuing rough stones and chipped gems from the scrap heap and re-fashion them into skillfully made garments and accessories spanning from everyday utilitarian simplicity to high ritual extravagance.

Since 1999 Royal Peasantry has breathed transformative life back into thousands of articles of discarded clothing. They have saved innumerable pieces of high quality forgotten vintage, contemporary excess, post manufactured upholstery and leather scraps; reincarnating them as bags, holsters, and parts of clothing. Their team of artists cut, dye, trim, print, and recombine to create contemporary designs that evoke a timeless and primal magic.

Founded in deep love and connection to the Earth, Royal Peasantry’s mission is to offer beautiful alternatives to wasteful clothing and overproduction. Everything is made locally by their collective of amazing and magical craftspeople. Every object at Royal Peasantry has been touched and formed by loving and skilled human hands; and our clothes are meant to be lived in, and celebrated in with a brilliantly clear and joyful consciousness.

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