Haylo Healing Arts Lounge
Haylo Healing Arts Lounge
Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

Hayley MoranI am Haylo~

I have always been drawn to the bohemian textures of life, styled by the virtues of Freedom, Beauty, Truth, Peace, Love and Rock’n’Roll! Tattooing is this magical and even medetative integration of myself as an Artist and a unique culture of Kindred Spirits who seek to share this kind of special Connection and practice in Permanence.

2021 marks my 20th year as a professional in the Transpersonal Art of Tattooing! Haylo Healing Arts Lounge opened her doors at the very beginning of 2015 with my dream to invite people into a kick-ass loving environment that honors comfort and compassion through the pain of this Healing and Revealing Art~

I get great joy in seeing how this communal practice over the years here in Charlotte has helped to create and continues to perpetuate something like unto a Vision Quest of intentional Self-Discovery and Actualization through this particular kind of effort for Self-Expression. This spiritual, mental and physical endeavor is a vital part of my lifelong pursuit of ever knowing more clearly who I am and what I stand for.

  • My specialty is realistic black and grey although I do have fun with color and I will always pay attention to connection and flow across the body. I love tattooing fine line detail and enjoy incorporating geometric as well as abstract elements in my Art. I know how to make things visually go together no matter what they are and happily do a lot of freehand work by creating directly on the body.

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Hayley Testimonial:

  • I chose Hayley because she is highly talented, personable, and has a vision as an artist that can help your idea bloom into a beautiful piece of art on your skin. Tattoos are a very healing and spiritual process for me and I have to feel a connection with those that are marking my skin for eternity. Her soul speaks to mine on so many levels.

    - Amber Smith

  • The vibe in Hayley’s studio is so loving and warm, that you will never want to leave. The women who work here are amazing at their craft. They will not disappoint, but they will delight you. Come check them out for yourself.

    - Claire Comber

  • Hayley is top notch!! Plus she’s incredibly cool and insanely talented.

    - Tara Riley