Haylo Healing Arts Lounge
Haylo Healing Arts Lounge
Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

I am Haylo. I have always been drawn to the bohemian life, styled by the virtues of Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love. Tattooing is this magical integration of myself as an artist-and a culture of innumerable variations of folks with a passionate desire for mindful growth. Now at the 20-year mark of personal involvement with the Transpersonal Art of Tattooing, I find more and more joy in the way this kind of communal spiritual, mental and physical practice helps create and perpetuate a multi-faceted vision quest of intentional self-discovery and actualization through self-expression. A lifelong dream of ever knowing more clearly who I am and what I stand for has ignited and birthed Haylo Healing Arts Lounge. Here we culminate many forms of healing and revealing arts in one kick-ass loving environment. So, the tattoo is still going to hurt- but the living experience is one that reaches much more deeply in a whole-heartedly soulful way, both inside and out. At Haylo, you are encouraged through this endless blooming of you.

Lots of people will tell you lots of things about healing a tattoo…Please listen to what I have learned through my years of getting tattooed, trying different methods, and seeing the results of various treatments by my clients…

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

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Hayley Testimonial:

  • Hayley is the best in the business! The art gallery is very dope as well!

    - Geoff

  • In a nutshell, butterflies obviously are my totem animal…Transformation, change and grace…my life has been completely stripped[by] cancer, divorce. I walked into Haylo’s studio for the Wind River Fundraiser to tell my cancer survivorship story. I felt compelled to have the symbol permanently etched on me. Hayley graciously pulled everything back out to do me that favor, as she will forever be a part of that story as well. I felt her compassion and listened to her story as well. Moral of the story, our paths cross for a reason. The intersection in which we exchange those gifts are what I am forever grateful for.

    - Kellie McAvoy

  • I came to Hayley for a dogwood tattoo because I knew she would input some lasting magic into its meaning for me. I wanted to bloom more, out into life. I felt that this tattoo would be a daily reminder for me to shed my fears and live more fully just as the dogwoods are in the spring. Hayley understood exactly what I wanted. She used her heart, and intuition to listen and guide her through the art piece she created for me. I could feel it! I love my beautiful blossoms! They are life-giving for me! I have sprung into life like springtime!

    - Leahanne Woods Smith