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Your Haven exists underground just inside Haylo. We are inspired to help regular people arrive into their Physical and Spiritual Body through yoga (asana), breath (prana), and energy healing (reiki and sound healing). Our focus is on intuitive movement, breathing, and healing from trauma. You don’t have to be flexible or a hippie to try something new, just let that shit go.

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Five Ways to Shine by Hillary Joy

Hillary JoyLet Go~ Feel Freedom from the past by sending gratitude toward your journey. Does worrying or holding on to past stories Serve your Greater Good? Create a mantra, say it, write it, share it Every Day. My mantra is I Am Enough.

Invest in You~ Accept your Worthiness. Gift yourself with opportunities to learn, relax, rest and enjoy. You don’t have to take time out of your day, just add more Compassion into your daily routine. Listen to calming music in the car, read a passage from a great book, try a craft.

Give Back~ The magnificent Light in You is Worth Sharing. Declutter your closet and donate what you no longer need to a good cause. Or even more simply… Look a Stranger in the Eyes and Greet Them with Kindness.

Hydrate~ The average person suffers from a deficiency of Lack of Sleep and/or Dehydration. Don’t put yourself in that category. Get yourself a 32oz. Nalgene and make a challenge. Drink One glass of water First thing in the morning. Set a timer to remind you to Drink Up! Our phones are more than just for social media…use your phone to hold you accountable. Set a reminder to drink water AND to start winding down for bed.

Take your Time~ Your Expectations may be extremely high so much so that you feel you can barely reach them. If you are always looking up trying to grab those expectations, you are limiting yourself to the possibilities right at your feet, in the Now. Start becoming Mindful and everything will fall into place, you are already exactly where you need to be. Simply make the intention to be more mindful and you will begin to have more time daily for you.

For More ways to Shine your light, connect with Hillary at Haylo!