Blessings and Greetings~ it is a pleasure to meet new people and be surrounded by new in the moment of Art! Special circumstances set the stage for our Spectacular events. Together in Spirit, Wonder and Desire for insight to enlighten us to Realize we Rise into the Most Memorable Moment Now, Tomorrow, we Grow. Again and Again and again…it takes a lot to Transcend and we will, Together~ We really are doing our best to keep on bringing kindred people together with a Heart for Healing, encouraging the Spirit of Discovery through Expression to Heal our Selves Individually and Collectively. Enjoy the slideshow of our Haylo Happenings and Experience with us soon~

Interested in being a part of a Haylo Exclusive Moment?

March 22, 2019

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Self Expression Questionnaire

A Time Capsule Tattoo is the most permanent form of Intention Setting~

Hayley $400, Dani or Linzi $300,
Catherine $200

You Must Come Into the Studio or Mail your CASH Deposit
for your appointment to be scheduled with an Artist~

** Tattoo Art will not exceed deposit paid **

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

Body Art & Awareness, Visit Haven Underground~