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Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

In the Spirit of Transformation and Healing, this 5th Annual Elemental Art Party Honors this Season of Change~

Live Art, Live Music, Fire Dance and Ceremonial Burn. We intend for this event, the more refined theme; Fire in the Sky~

Our Individual and Collective Mental Health is what we feel important to bring up and maintain Awareness around this year. You are not alone in the challenges that you face or the people you know who are struggling. We all can Grow and Heal and Choose the Light over Darkness. It takes a Community of Love~

Leading up to and on the event day July 13th we are raising money for Mental Health America of Central Carolinas. We kindly seek your Support and Celebration! For more info on the Cause, please check out their website: www.mhacentralcarolinas.org

For more details on the event with updates, check out our Facebook Event Page~
We look forward to your Presence!

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

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