Dani Blalock
“Where the Spirit does not work with the hand,
there is no art.”

Hello everyone! My name is Dani Blalock, and I have been tattooing since 2012. I am a Charlotte native now living in Gastonia with my wonderful husband Chris and our three beautiful children.

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember, and tattooing is something I have always wanted to do. Coming from a family of artists, drawing came naturally as a child. I’ve always had a huge imagination and the desire to draw the images in my head into existence, as a child art always remained a constant. My influences run deep; the first I can remember were comic book illustrators, science fiction artists, Dali, anything that represented a world that was simply “other”. I began painting seriously in middle school and fell in love when I found that the images held power where my words could not.

I believe that tattoos are even more potent, and I am excited to help others turn their ideas into meaningful artwork and tattoos. I specialize in nature inspired tattoos and fun color work! I’d love to take on more of the styles that I love which include neotraditional, black and gray realism, surrealism, and also subject matter with a darker aesthetic. Please email your Vision Forms with any and all ideas to haylostudio@gmail.com.

Lots of people will tell you lots of things about healing a tattoo…Please listen to what Hayley has learned through her years of getting tattooed, trying different methods, and seeing the results of various treatments by clients…

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Dani Testimonial:

  • I first met Dani when I went with a friend to get his tattoo done. I told her I would like to add some color to a tattoo I already had. After she was done putting the color in, I was blown away with how amazing she was. From that moment on, I knew that Dani would be the one I would come to when I wanted to get some new ink. Since that day, I have gotten three tattoos done by Dani, and I absolutely love every single one of them and could not be any prouder of having her beautiful artwork on my skin for the whole world to see. Haylo is absolutely lucky and blessed to have her, and I hope that her time with you guys brings you a great deal of happiness and joy, because she is not only an outstanding artist but an outstanding person as well. Can’t wait to come to Haylo to get another tattoo done by Dani, and to enjoy your beautiful shop with awesome people. Best of luck in your future endeavors, Dani! I shall be seeing you soon for some new ink!

    - Justin Blair

  • Haylo was a wonderful experience. The staff is very warm and comfortable to be around. The atmosphere is wonderful. There is a lounge to sit and have a cup of tea and many items to purchase! Dani is excellent. During the meeting to design my tattoo she listened and helped to design exactly how I wanted. The tattoo experience was long and she made the experience as painless as possible.

    - Susan Sterrett

  • When I first considered a tattoo, I talked to a friend of mine and Dani came highly recommended. And two tattoos since, I can honestly say that highly recommended doesn’t come close to describe her talent, artistry, professionalism and her attention to detail. Not to mention she is just a great person to converse with while she is giving you a piece of her sole through her work. As long as she is tattooing no one else shall touch me with a tattoo gun!!

    - Harold C