Haylo Healing Arts Lounge is not your average tattoo shop. We offer a mindful wholistic concept for self-discovery, self-actualization and self-expression. We are dedicated to transpersonal art that will last a lifetime. Over time we have grown in the community and expanded our business to include all aspects of personal and creative life styling. Contact us today to learn more.

 We wish to create a place that illuminates the individual and draws together the collective

A Word From Hayley

“I am Haylo. I have always been drawn to the bohemian life, styled by the virtues of Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love. Tattooing is this magical integration of myself as an artist-and a culture of innumerable variations of folks with a passionate desire for mindful growth. Now at the 20-year mark of personal involvement with the Transpersonal Art of Tattooing, I find more and more joy in the way this kind of communal spiritual, mental and physical practice helps create and perpetuate a multi-faceted vision quest of intentional self-discovery and actualization through self-expression. A lifelong dream of ever knowing more clearly who I am and what I stand for has ignited and birthed Haylo Healing Arts Lounge. Here we culminate many forms of healing and revealing arts in one kick-ass loving environment. So, the tattoo is still going to hurt- but the living experience is one that reaches much more deeply in a whole-heartedly soulful way, both inside and out. At Haylo, you are encouraged through this endless blooming of you.”

Experience Haylo’s Happenings


  • This place is phenomenal! The networking of artists and artistry under one roof makes for a truly unique experience. The atmosphere is welcoming and promotes only the best of feelings. I followed Hayley here from Her previous workplace and can speak to the genuine healing arts vibe that the team has created – I recommend this place to anyone looking for growth, whether or not a tattoo is part of that journey.

    - Meagan

  • This sacred place…it’s filled with beautiful people inside & out! Creativity!!! Real authentic creative people who bring your unique vision of art to life. The service is top quality & professional! Stop by for a consultation you won’t be disappointed! Big love to Catherine who did an amazing job on my sternum!!!!

    - Brandi

  • I could not be more impressed or enamored with this place! The feeling is so comfortable and positive in the lounge. Hayley has been my tattoo artist for years and I couldn’t be prouder of her for creating a space that is all her own, shared, of course, with an amazing staff. I promise you will be not be disappointed even if you just stop by to hang. Unique finds, beautiful art and a super welcoming environment! The events are also a blast! But you don’t have to take my word for it.

    - Carly

  • Every artist at Haylo is truly there to bring your vision to fruition in the most beautiful way possible. The energy of the space is amazing and I always leave feeling better than when I entered.

    - Amber

  • Simply the best place to get a tattoo. Hayley and staff are wonderful people who really care about making sure you get the art you wanted. They will help you work through basic ideas to create a truly personalized work. Very clean and warmly decorated studio. You will always feel welcome.

    - Gene