Haylo Healing Arts Lounge is not your average tattoo shop. We offer a mindful wholistic concept for self-discovery, self-actualization and self-expression. We are dedicated to transpersonal art that will last a lifetime. Over time we have grown in the community and expanded our business to include all aspects of personal and creative life styling. Contact us today to learn more.

 We wish to create a place that illuminates the individual and draws together the collective

A Word From Hayley

“I am Haylo. I have always been drawn to the bohemian life, styled by the virtues of Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love. Tattooing is this magical integration of myself as an artist-and a culture of innumerable variations of folks with a passionate desire for mindful growth. Now at the 20-year mark of personal involvement with the Transpersonal Art of Tattooing, I find more and more joy in the way this kind of communal spiritual, mental and physical practice helps create and perpetuate a multi-faceted vision quest of intentional self-discovery and actualization through self-expression. A lifelong dream of ever knowing more clearly who I am and what I stand for has ignited and birthed Haylo Healing Arts Lounge. Here we culminate many forms of healing and revealing arts in one kick-ass loving environment. So, the tattoo is still going to hurt- but the living experience is one that reaches much more deeply in a whole-heartedly soulful way, both inside and out. At Haylo, you are encouraged through this endless blooming of you.”

Experience Haylo’s Happenings


  • What a great experience we had at Haylo Healing Arts Lounge! Making memories with my sweet daughter Jessica. In memory of our sweet precious daughter/ sister who fought a courageous battle of stage 4 breast cancer. She went home with our Heavenly Father on November 27th. We so enjoyed our ink therapy and we loved all the girls there they all were so awesome!! We can’t wait to go back.

    - Lori

  • This shop is awesome! The staff is very thorough with helping you create a piece that you will absolutely love. Great experience! We will be back for more art in the future.

    - Morgan

  • Fantastic artists practicing their passion in a serene, calm environment. The best thing about this shop is they strive to empower women! Great group!

    - Tammy

  • This is a very sacred place amazing people and artists. If you want a tattoo this is the only place to go. Love them

    - Bonnie

  • Awesome Place beautiful atmosphere highly recommend this place the work they do is beautiful!!!!

    - Millie