Haylo is here for you~

Our process is a little different as we honor the sanctity of how Inter-Personal our Healing Art is.
First we want to know about your Vision! Check out our Vision Form below to get started~ This nifty document lays out all the important details of your Tattoo Desires and puts you in queue for your Preferred Artist. You’ll need to download the document to your device and fill out the pdf. Once you’ve completed the Vision Form in its entirety you can submit it to us at haylostudio@gmail.com.

Secondly, when the Artists’ schedules allow we will contact you to set up a Consultation Artist availability varies. This is when you get to meet your Artist! You both will sit and chat and plan the best way to achieve your Tattoo Goals. Lean on their Expertise~ You’ll pay a consultation fee and also place a cash deposit to reserve your date and time for your Custom Tattoo Session. Every Artist is Unique and Custom Tattoo Art is in High demand. Scheduling, Pricing, and Wait time may vary.

Lastly, YOU GET TATTOOED! There’s no better day than Tattoo day. You will need to Come Alone, Wear a Mask, and Bring a Lunch. Hayley and Dani’s books are CLOSED and they are not accepting Vision Forms on their waitlist at this time~ A confirmation email for your Tattoo Appointment is sent out about TWO weeks prior to your appointment date. You will need to respond. If you didn’t get one give us a Call!. We can’t wait to read all about your Visions and make them a Reality in our Underground Haven. Let’s embark on your Custom Art journey Together~

**The Ladies are always looking for 2in x 2in or “smaller than the size of your palm” Tattoos to try and squeeze in. When inquiring please include placement, and approximate size.**

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

Vision Form

  • Linzi is a fantastic person and tattoo artist.. Her “ocd” attention to detail is what sets her apart from most.. I have a few works of art from her and couldn’t be happier.

    - James

  • Super chill environment and very inviting people. The artists are amazing and patient with their patrons!!!

    - Parker

  • One word Awesome!!

    - Mike

  • After all the things I been going through over past two years, which seem to have finally reached the summit. I decided to check this place out for the rising Phoenix event. Truly was a diverse cast of attendees. The energy was very apparent. Out side you had a very earthy rustic drumming feel, and inside they had the place rocking with a duo playing some good rock. Saw a nice collage of people and stereotypes come together to shatter the idea of division. All things are interconnected and this place exemplifies this.

    - Michael

  • All we can say is… we could just hang here! Getting tattooed for 6 hours and not feeling like it’s been but one! The best! The artist and team are unreal! You can also spend lots of time shopping before and after your tattoo! We travel from SC because there is nothing as fantastic as Haylo Healing arts lounge! The artists speak for themselves!

    - Jenn