Client Testimonials



  • The whole environment at Haylo is unlike any other I’ve experienced; there’s no other place where I’ve felt so welcome and comfortable.

    - Brian

  • I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the wonderful job you did with my Brows. Every time I look in the mirror I am more satisfied. I used to hate when the time came for me to put my makeup on because I would spend most of my time trying to get my Brows right but thanks to you and the wonderful job you have done, I don’t have to spend the extra time in the mirror.

    - Shirley

  • In a nutshell, butterflies obviously are my totem animal…Transformation, change and grace…my life has been completely stripped[by] cancer, divorce. I walked into Haylo’s studio for the Wind River Fundraiser to tell my cancer survivorship story. I felt compelled to have the symbol permanently etched on me. Hayley graciously pulled everything back out to do me that favor, as she will forever be a part of that story as well. I felt her compassion and listened to her story as well. Moral of the story, our paths cross for a reason. The intersection in which we exchange those gifts are what I am forever grateful for.

    - Kellie McAvoy

  • I came to Hayley for a dogwood tattoo because I knew she would input some lasting magic into its meaning for me. I wanted to bloom more, out into life. I felt that this tattoo would be a daily reminder for me to shed my fears and live more fully just as the dogwoods are in the spring. Hayley understood exactly what I wanted. She used her heart, and intuition to listen and guide her through the art piece she created for me. I could feel it! I love my beautiful blossoms! They are life-giving for me! I have sprung into life like springtime!

    - Leahanne Woods Smith

  • I chose Hayley because she is highly talented, personable, and has a vision as an artist that can help your idea bloom into a beautiful piece of art on your skin. Tattoos are a very healing and spiritual process for me and I have to feel a connection with those that are marking my skin for eternity. Her soul speaks to mine on so many levels.

    - Amber Smith