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When I started Haylo I realized, already being a part of an integrated and wholesomely kick-ass community, that more people should know the people I know and love for their part in Art, Spirit and Healthy Living~ people who are on the path of pursuing Growth and ever Evolving Soul. I know so many wonderfully talented and loving individuals and you should too. The following folks are personal recommendations, check them out!

Health by Hillary

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

I chose Hillary Heath to be one of the first members of my Dream Team. Her bright Spark and Spirit is magnetic! Hillary is unique herself, with a Genuine heart for each individual. As a certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor and one of my dear friends on this powerful path of Self-Discovery and Actualization, she can help you de-stress and revitalize your energy to get you feeling good inside and out!

Knowing that Wellness is an Intricate and Multi-Dimensional picture for every Individual, Hillary is here to help us all, however she can, in our Desire to live better and reach our Fullest Potential!

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Haylo Healing Arts Lounge
Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

Gina Spriggs

Gina Spriggs

This wonder woman helps heart centered Intuitives expand their gifts and create successful, life supporting businesses. She is a Futurist – meaning that she predict the future. She also helps people Transform to Intuitives and helps Intuitives Transcend to living authentically. Offering individual sessions and group work that help you go deeper with your natural gifts while also healing, manifesting and redefining yourself and creating your business. Gina holds Spirit Sessions here at Haylo most first Sundays of every month. Check out the Happenings Page ( if interested in finding out even more see Gina Spriggs’ personal website

Claire’s Healing Touch

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

We are proud to host Claire Comber on the last Saturday of every month!

“I didn’t realize how bad the act of tattooing was for my body. Years of locked down muscles and bad posture led to a back injury my first year returning to figure skating. I skated from 8-18 years old and being back on the ice after 10 years of tattooing, I had no idea how far from full body balance I truly was. My back completely locked up while executing a sit spin- I couldn’t stand up straight. I went to see my regular chiropractor who could do nothing to alleviate my discomfort. I couldn’t even lift my own feet up while laying down. The next day (and after many referrals over the years) I went to try some of Claire’s Healing Touch. Although I still had some discomfort and I was much more clear on all the issues my poor body was having- I could stand up! I gained more range of motion out of my shoulders and hips, my fingers and hamstrings. I felt taller and lighter. I could feel and physically SEE the changes that had taken place trough this Rossiter Workout. After consistent treatment the Carpal Tunnel symptoms I had been experiencing for about 5 years have completely gone away. It’s unlike any massage you’ve ever gotten. It will greatly improve your muscle firing and flexibly. You just HAVE to to try it for yourself. Please come by any last Saturday of EVERY month for a FREE demo of this highly effective treatment for ANY tightness, soreness, tingling, numbness or pain. I highly recommend her and I am a client for life! Rossiter and Massage through Claire’s Healing Touch is what keeps me able to function while I lovingly abuse my muscles through drawing, writing, painting, tattooing, guitar playing, skating and everyday gravity.”


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