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When I started Haylo I realized, already being a part of an integrated and wholesomely kick-ass community, that more people should know the people I know and love for their part in Art, Spirit and Healthy Living~ people who are on the path of pursuing Growth and ever Evolving Soul. I know so many wonderfully talented and loving individuals and you should too. The following folks are personal recommendations, check them out!

Haven The Underground Yoga Lounge

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

A Love Note from Hayley:

I chose Hillary Heath to be one of the first members of my Dream Team. Her bright Spark and Spirit is magnetic! Hillary is unique herself, with a Genuine heart for each individual. As a certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor and one of my dear friends on this powerful path of Self-Discovery and Actualization, she can help you de-stress and revitalize your energy to get you feeling good inside and out!

Knowing that Wellness is an Intricate and Multi-Dimensional picture for every Individual, Hillary is here to help us all, however she can, in our Desire to live better and reach our Fullest Potential!

Love Notes from Haven Students:

This is absolutely the best yoga studio that I have ever been to. It is more than just yoga, it is a place to come for your yoga practice and to calm your soul or elevate your energy, depending on what is needed and what transpires naturally. The energy that is created by Hillary and the intention that she sets for each practice is real and can absolutely be felt. Whether you are a newbie (like myself) or more experienced, she will help you and lead you to expand in your practice. Each class is slightly different yet there is a commonality in the moves so that you can continue to grow in your practice. Hillary is really the bright, shining light at the center of this amazing cocoon of a studio. To all who have yummy, loving energy who are looking for a place to practice yoga, dive deeper into themselves and share their energy with others, please come to support this beautiful space and community. ~ Sarah

Such a warm & inviting atmosphere! Hillary truly cares about each of her students individually, as well as the class as a whole. I enjoy each and every class of hers that I go too. I always leave so energetically refreshed & calm. 10/10 would recommend to a friend! ~ Victoria

Changed my opinion on yoga forever! Such great classes with variety and a genuinely talented teacher who cares for all her students and shows her passion everyday. ~ Camille

Such a great space and such great guidance. As a beginner I felt welcome and the classes are excellent! ~ Mike

Hillary Heath has been one of my biggest supporters on my journey. The space she has created at Haven is healing, welcoming, and promotes internal growth like no other place I have experienced. Her strength and love radiates everywhere. I was less than a beginner when I started her yoga classes and never felt uncomfortable or as if I did not belong. Come to Haven!! ~ Anna

I can’t fully tell you what my Journey is in regards to Yoga because I am still establishing and moving along that path. I can say that Hillary has been formative and supportive without judgement but certainly with Wisdom, Compassion and Empathy. Her ability to listen to her students needs, spoken and unspoken, allow her to deliver classes that always help Heal. Haven is aptly named. ~ Josh

Such a calming and welcoming environment! Hillary is a wonderful person and really tailors the class to her audience. She is knowledgeable in teaching and offers up advice to anyone needing it. She’s a great leader and only encourages you to become stronger! ~ Ashley

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Haylo Healing Arts Lounge
Haylo Healing Arts Lounge