In a myriad of ways, we strive to unite you, Body Art and Soul. We love the community and we believe that Charlotte and the surrounding areas deserve to enjoy badassness and a little magic. Our studio offers happenings at least once a month, whether it be rossiter or reiki workshop, local vendors or tastings, and even breath and yoga workshops. We make sure our events and happenings are affordable. Haylo serves to transcend you through an existential experience. All of our events and happenings serve the purpose of learning something new, giving back to the community and embracing all of the creativity that flourishes in the beautiful Plaza Midwood district. Please Subscribe to our Newsletter!

Upcoming Event at Haven

Summer Solstice Fire Series

June 11th – 16th
Haylo welcomes Six wonderful Teachers for a Co-Creative Movement like we’ve never had before!! Joining Forces We will Grow our Fire Together in Preparation for this Transformational Season leading to our 4th Annual Fire Party JUNE 11-16th a WEEK of mindful movement at Haven Underground~

6 Different Local Teachers will be our Guides
$20 drop-ins M-F June 11-15th~ 6:30PM-7:30PM
$25 drop-in Sat Workshop June 16th~ 6:30PM-8PM

Special Pricing for your Commitment $75 package for Gatherings Mon-Friday at $15/per class

PLUS $25 for Saturday Special Grand Finale Fire Bundle Creative Workshop 6:30-8PM

Entire Summer Solstice Movement Series only $100

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge


Upcoming Event at Haylo

Phoenix Rising~ Annual Fire Party

July 14th 6PM-Midnight

Haylo’s Annual Fire Party Honoring the Summer Solstice Happens July 14th 🔥 Welcoming all Music Lovers, Fire Lovers, Art Lovers, and Friend New and Old~

In the Spirit of Transformation, Trust and Perseverance, the Rising Phoenix is the Sacred Symbol for our 4th annual Summer Celebration~ Like unto a Day Breaking Sun, the Phoenix claims new life rising from the Ashes of it’s previous Self~

🔥Join us in a Collaborative Art Piece and Ending with a Ceremonial Burn 🔥

This year, Haylo wanted to donate to The Local Fire Department and Every Fire Fighter we talked to said, instead, Donate to The Burned Children’s Fund- so that becomes our Cause~

⚡️More to be Announced!⚡️

Stay Tuned!
Drum Circle, DJ, Live Music, Live Art, Yoga, Fire Performances, Intention Setting and Ritual Burn~

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge