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Exhibition Opening
Bree Stallings: Things with Wings
August 12th 7PM-10PM

Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

Bree loves the idea of telling a story using visual literacy; in these pieces, she is exploring the concept of woman-on-woman violence. What does it mean culturally for those who identify as female to navigate and operate in a world that isn’t build to accommodate or appreciate us?

Bree is interested in juxtaposing the two narratives (living in ever-increasing progressively pro-female times and the delay/revertion that we are taught are the ways we communicate to each other and ultimately establish our worth and place in the world) and seeing what emerges. The theme of that intersection here is played out in several terms: by placing the two stories together and seeing how they interact, by using animal idioms to help convey commonly understood connotations, and by using audience/artwork relationship to fuel the conversation forward.

Bree is a North Carolina-native multi-media artist, illustrator, writer and activist.