Dani Blalock
“Where the Spirit does not work with the hand,
there is no art.”

Hello everyone! My name is Dani Blalock, I have been tattooing since 2012, and I give credit to my husband and children for a substantial amount of my inspiration and the rest comes from God and working with the Spirit. Making art is something that I will do for the rest of my life. Tattooing has always been something I wanted to do and I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. Coming from a family of artists, it came naturally as a child. I’ve always had a huge imagination and the desire to draw the images in my head into existence. I had a pretty turbulent life as a child and art was always one thing that remained a true constant. My influences run deep; my whole life has been an influence. When I began reading comic books and as I admired all of the strong empowered women that had these incredible super powers- for a while that was all I was interested in drawing. It was almost a portrayal of myself through these images. The drawings, which eventually led to paintings, were basically expressing what was going on in my head at any given moment in my life. The images held power where my words could not.

I believe that tattoos are even more potent, and I am excited to help others turn their ideas into meaningful artwork and tattoos. Which is why I am SO excited to be working alongside Hayley at Haylo Healing Arts Lounge! I love everything that Hayley and this shop embodies, which is a knowledge that this world is made solely of connections among people. It is obvious that growth is inevitable, and inspired personally as well as professionally. It is so exciting to be able to take part in what is happening here. I cannot wait to make beautiful art and tattoos in a new, refreshing, and empowering environment that is currently breaking the mold of this industry! Looking forward to what the future has to hold for everyone involved.


Lots of people will tell you lots of things about healing a tattoo…Please listen to what Hayley has learned through her years of getting tattooed, trying different methods, and seeing the results of various treatments by clients… Healing your Tattoo.

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