3D Areola Renewal

What is Areola Micro Pigmentation?

Areola Micro Pigmentation is a simple noninvasive technique that uses tattoo pigments to restore the areola after breast reconstruction. Re-pigmentation of the areola can create a more natural looking color and shape giving the breast a customized appearance according to whatever the client desires. Areola restoration is a precise technique in detailing a 3-dimensional replica of an areola and nipple. Micro pigmentation is form of tattooing using state of the art medical tattoo equipment, delicate artistry and astonishing color matching to achieve a natural looking areola. This noninvasive procedure is often chosen as a post-op cosmetic option or for anyone who is self conscious about their areloa- color, size , shape or scar. In fact, areola micro pigmentation is a permanent cosmetic procedure that not only is great for cancer survivors but for anyone desiring to enhance the natural size, definition or symmetry of the areolas.

Sometimes surgical procedures can leave a scar. A scar’s appearance can be softened, blended, or reduced by tattooing with corrective pigment camouflage techniques. It is important to remember that an areola or a scar will probably require more than one session for the best results. Each time the pigments are tattooed into the skin, they look more like the natural skin. Camouflaging any scars can be done as a part of the areola procedure during the same session. Areola micro pigmentation coupled with scar camouflage is the best way to achieve the most beautiful results. You should ask your physician first to get approval before areola work or scar camouflage can be preformed. Once you are cleared, usually 6 months after surgery, you can call in for a consultation.

What Is the Procedure for Areola Renewal?

After we assess what needs to be done in the initial consultation, we will custom match the colors to your skin. Colors can be matched and blended so that both areolas match if only one areola needs to be done. Next, topical anesthetic is applied to minimize any discomfort that can occur. After the size, position and placement is determined, the pigments are tattooed into the skin creating a 3 dimensional natural looking areola/nipple. This is a way to restore the natural beauty of your breast by simulating the color and definition of your nipple and areola. The scars can also be camouflaged during this session. A follow-up appointment is recommended to achieve the most natural results. Usually we allow 4-6 weeks in between sessions for optimal healing.

How do I care for my tattoo after the Areola Procedure?

Due to the sensitive nature of the area being tattooed care instructions should be followed so that the skin can heal. When you schedule your appointment, you should make sure that you plan for your recovery period by scheduling around work, leisure and travel plans. Keep in mind that swimming, hard core exercise and romantic holidays should be planned around. To care for the skin that was tattooed, you will be provided with a sterile ointment that should be applied. You will be given specific written instructions at the time of your appointment. During recovery, it is recommended that you allow your skin to get plenty of air. Some women avoid wearing bras or shirts while they are at home allowing the skin to breathe for the first few days. The tattoo may ooze for about a day following the session and this is a normal part of the healing process. The true color of the areola will begin to show after a few days. Remember, the color is going to be darker at first and will fade to your natural color.